April 15, 2009


Two weekends ago we decided to have some fun with Eli and have sleepovers as a whole family at a couple of his grandparents house. No reason. Just for fun!

Friday night we slept at Ryan's grandparent's house in Orem. I honestly don't know who was more excited about it, Eli or Ryan's grandparents.

We ordered pizza , played with grandma and grandpa, watched Bolt and stayed up late. During the movie I realized how tender little Eli is, during the part of the fire (if you've seen it you know what I am talking about) Eli got a little choked up. He told us he thought Penny was going to die. I have never seen him react like that. It was kind of cute.

During the night poor Hallie got a fever and could not sleep. She would lay for a little bit and try to sleep and then just start crying and saying, "mommy, mommy." It was so sad. Of course we didn't have any Tylenol or anything, so finally at about 4:00am Ryan saved the day, he ran to Wal-mart to get Tylenol. After we gave her the Tylenol she laid right back down and slept the rest of the night.

Saturday we slept in a little (that's what I love about grandma's they get up early and take care of the kids), then had a yummy breakfast and watched a session of conference. Hallie still wasn't feeling great and so she sat and cuddled me the whole time. It was kind of one of those bttersweet moments- I was sad she was sick, but loved that she would just sit and cuddle me.

We went home took naps and then me and the kids headed to my parent's to have a sleep over  while Ryan went with his dad and brother's to the Priesthood session.

At my parent's house we played, watched Bedtime Stories, and stayed up late. Ryan came later that night and slept over with us. On Sunday we slept in again (gotta love grandma).

We then had our Easter festivities with my family. We died Easter eggs, had dinner, and our annual Easter egg hunt. (One for the adults, and one for the kids).  We all got quite the loot. Ryan and I scored about $20, and lots of candy, and Eli & Hallie made out with about $12 combined, and lots of candy. Not too shabby.



hallie chocHallie tried to eat a Hershey's kiss that had melted. When she opened it, it got on her hand and she sat there paralyzed and disgusted. She would not move or make a sound. She just sat there completely still staring at it. It was hilarious.

It was a fun weekend and a nice change from our normal everyday.


DeSisto Digitals said...

Okay, this post was hilarious - I love that Hallie gets so disgusted when her hands are dirty and that Eli tears up at cartoons! Your kids are just far too cute. :)

Tiffany said...

What a fun Easter weekend. Sleeping at grandma's sounds fun. wish we had some that would do that. Yours must be awesome.

Cindy said...

What cute easter pictures:-) Hallie looks just like you!! Love Ya!!