December 09, 2008

My little bundle of JOY!

We went and saw the lights at Temple Square, and it was the first time I have really bundled Hallie up in all her winter gear. I think she looks so cute.


Hallie with cousin Luke


Hallie with mom


Hallie with dad


(Eli was in Idaho with grandma, so I don't have a pic of him. It's not because we gave him away).


Key Fam said...

Sure, you "sent him to ID with grama"....likely explanation! LOL! J/K! Well, OUR grama had a surprise visitor mom...with a new pc for her for Christmas. Also...I WENT to a Sally Beauty Supply store and they DID have those clips I called you about...someone else must have not known what I was talking about! Oh well....thanks again Less, and your little Hallie is TOOO cute!! (as always!)

Tiffany said...

Cute pictures. Sorry I missed your birthday. You're right this birthday is difficult. I did remember on sunday but you were gone. then the day got away from me and then Monday happened. So Happy belated birthday.

rain said...

I'm glad you specified about Eli...I was worried for a sec, especially after the "thumbs down to turning four" post. :) However, spending time with one of your babies, one on one, is always so rewarding. Especially when they're as cute as your kiddies.