September 09, 2008

Brrrr Lake

may-june 2008 045

                 Eli looking for sea shells

Ever since I can remember my grandma (my mom's mom) would rent a condo at Bear Lake for a week in the summer. All my relatives on my mom's side would go and we would have so much fun. Some of my greatest memories as a kid were at Bear Lake.

The last 10 years have been a little sporatic of when my grandma would get the condo, and then it is even more random as to which family members would show up. We are all older now with our own families and it doesn't seem like as many of the family are able to get together all at once anymore. I kind of miss those days, and am a little sad that my kids won't have those same memories.

may-june 2008 004        Grandma Gonie reading to the kids

Well, this week was the week at Bear Lake this year. It was later in the year than when we normally go, and it was cold. Not freezing, but not warm enough for me to get in the cold water. I wore a jacket most the time. Even with the not so warm weather we were still able to have a lot of fun.

may-june 2008 028                Lexy, Eli, & Hallie

Ryan wasn't able to go so it was just me and the kids this trip. We  were able to have fun and make some memories with my mom, my niece Lexy, my grandma, my aunt Teresa, uncle Randy, my cousin Kristen and her family, Matt, Ashlyn, and Sierra. we had a good time and Eli loved playing with cousins.

may-june 2008 035            Grandma, Teresa, Kristen

may-june 2008 032             Ashlyn, Lexy, Hallie

may-june 2008 008                  Hallie and mom

We had so much fun. Thanks grandma for letting us come bombard you!


Key Fam said...

Wow, you're fast at posting this! I still haven't yet, but am planning on it! LOL! It was pretty windy and chilly up there, but still fun as always! It was great to see everyone, too, and let all the little cousins play together! And, even though you hear it all the're kids are ADORABLE!!! Love ya, Less!

rain said...

I love Bear Lake, too. Obviously, I didn't have the childhood experiences, but Jeff and his family, did. So about every other summer we'll go up there for a while, and camp. I guess it's the wimp's rendition of camping, as there are little cabins and showers and such, but if it were anymore "roughing it", I don't think I'd have any fun. Anyway, the beach there at those condos, is amazing. I love all those little shells that it's made up of, and the water is so blue. Good for you for continuing that tradition. Your kids will love it.

Tiffany said...

I love Bear Lake. What a fun tradition. I think we're going to do that every year too. Sorry it was so cold. Could someone tell me how you get more that 5 pictures on a post. I can't do it.

Sandra said...

I wish I could have been there. Those are some of my most fun memories and I know they were for Danielle and Michelle, too. Grandma has it for next year in June, maybe we can all try and get there!!!

Jenny W said...

It sounds fun and that picture of you and Hallie at the bottom....Gorgeous!!

Sierra said...

This looks so fun. You've had such a fun summer!

janae said...

We were at Bear Lake in July and then again in August, and what a difference in weather. July was almost too hot and August was cold and windy. Glad you had fun anyway. Did you stay at Ideal Beach?

Savage Family said...

Bear Lake is my favorite Lake I love it!!!

Savage Family said...

Bear Lake is my favorite Lake I love it!!!

Heidi J. said...

it sounds like you guys have had a lot of fun this summer. good for you guys.

Anonymous said...

What a nice getaway. It looks like you are all having fun. Can't believe how big your kids are getting, their so cute....teresa

Anonymous said...

So glad you all could come to Brrr
Lake. It was fun even if it was a
little chilly. Love Grandma M.