January 02, 2008

The Day has come

Well, my time is up! I must decide on a name for my little girl. After much deliberation, stress, opinions, research(by my brother-in -law), and crazy looks from people, I think I have decided what to call her- HallieAva. Since I couldn't decide i just decided to combine them into one word!

I am TOTALLY kidding. (Even though it was a thought, until I got incredibly ridiculed). No, really I decided she was a Hallie Diann. So even though the poll told me to change it, and I did say the poll would determine her name, too many other things leaned my decision to keep it the way it is. And besides, could I really let the Blogging world determine my child's name? But I do very much appreciate all the feedback.
Here are just a few things that made me keep it as Hallie:
*After calling her Ava for a couple days, it just didn't seem right.
*Many people called and said, "I was going to name my daughter that." or "If my boy would have been a girl, it was going to be Ava."
*I was at the store three days in a row, and everyday I heard someone call thier daughter Ava.
*I was at another store and heard two ladies talking about how every other girl that comes into thier store is named Ava.
*Ran into an old friend who is pregnant and she said her top name is Ava.
*And I think the one that pushed me over, was my brother-in-law called me and said he looked up the top names for 2007 on the internet, and Ava was number 5, and Hallie didn't even make the top 100. (You can tell what his vote was.)
*And almost everyone I talked to said, "She looks like a Hallie."
Since one of the main reasons I wanted to change her name was because I thought it was too popular, it seems Ava is just as popular if not more.
So even though I LOVE the name Ava, Hallie will stay Hallie, and maybe my next little girl can be Ava.


a-anderson said...

I have been wanting to know what you decided. It sounds like you feel good about Hallie, that is great. She is adorable no matter what her name is anyway. I love the picture of your two.

carrie christensen said...

What a BEAUTIFUL picture of you and Hallie!! I love that!! She is just precious, no matter what her name is!! :o) Hallie is just perfect. Happy New Year to you and your cute family, by the way!!

Danielle said...

That picture is so cute!!! When did you get those taken? We haven't seen you guys in a while...I guess we've been slacking since football season ended. I guess we'll just have to come over sometime and have a date at your house! We got some fun games for Christmas we could play.

Savage Family said...

I love the picture of you too! I am happy for your decision!!!

Jill B said...

I am happy that you kept the name Hallie, as you know I love that name! That picture of the two of you is BEAUTIFUL! Where did you get it taken at? We need to get together for lunch, I still have your Christmas present and card. (A better late, then never I guess.)

Anne Marie said...

I love the name Hallie, and I do think she looks like a little Hallie. Such cute pictures!!

And thank you so much for bringing me Olive Garden takeout today! I ate it for both lunch and dinner. It totally made my day! You are the nicest person in the world. I should get sick more often.

Gina Steinagel said...

Hey Lessley I think you made the right desicion especially because you made it all by yourself and not by the influence of others!! She will either love or hate her name anyway when she's older because that's what girls do!! Hallie is so adorable and her name fits her!! Love the picture of you two!!

kevin & sandra said...

I love the picture!!! I am so glad you decided to stay with Hallie. She is such a cutie!

Jenny W said...

Lessley! So I feel retarded leaving a comment on your blog, so now you know I've been peeking and being nosy and looking at it! But I wanted to tell you HOW MUCH I love hearing about your adorable family and seeing pictures, etc. I even voted on your name poll, hee hee! I voted to keep it Hallie, in case you were wondering! I really love both names, though. But I was going to tell you Hallie sounds so good with Eli, not that that really matters, but I like to think of those things! Anyway, I also wanted to tell you I'm so sorry about the Ragsdale situation. I remember from Aaron and Ryan home teaching together that Ryan and Dave worked together and were friends from work, so I bet it hit you guys really hard. This is the saddest thing and my heart is just breaking for them, so I just wanted you to know that I thought of you guys right away and hope you are doing okay. Take care and know you are SUPER missed here.

WeTheTeeples said...

I am so glad you read my blog and you are welcome to snoop anytime. When are you going to start one so that I can see and hear about your cute family? We should go to lunch sometime and let our kids play. It would be fun to catch up with you.
The Ragsdale thing is hard, I think Ryan is still a little shocked. He just keeps saying "Dave does not seem like the violent type. I NEVER saw that side of him". We are doing well though and i just pray that thier families will be able to pull through. Keep in touch and comment anytime you want. :)