November 07, 2007

The tag post

Here are my 7 things:

1-I HATE to cook. And I mean hate with a passion. When I was first married I would always get sick around dinner time. I finally realized I was making myself sick, because I had to make dinner. Luckily I married a guy who was understanding, and when I told him it made me sick, he said it wasn't worth making yoursef sick over and told me only to cook when I wanted to. He probably regrets that comment. I only cooked about twice a week after that. Then once he started working from home he started cooking every night. I have not made dinner about 8 months. Yes, I am very spoiled.

2-I have a Bachelors degree in Psychology. I love Psychology. Sometimes I miss working in my field. Maybe one day I will go back to school and further my education, but right now I love being able to stay home with my babies.

3- I am a big worrier. I worry over everything!! Did I turn off the stove?, are all the doors locked?, is something going to happen to my family?, did I miss a really good sale?
It drives Ryan CRAZY!! The worst is when I am worrying in the middle of the night and can't sleep, so I wake him up, and I then I get mad because he doesn't stay up and worry with me. (he is a lot more practical than me).
Unfortunately Eli is exhibiting this very same worry trait.

4-I LOVE surprises. They are just so fun! Whether it is a big surprise or a little surprise I love them. Even after 6 years of marriage, I don't think Ryan has figured this out.

5-I am very scatter brained and disorganized! I forget everything and easily get distracted. Me and my house are always a mess and disorganizezd. I am late for everything! (things I am working on).

6-Spending time with Ryan is one of my favorite things! I never get sick of it! (although I think he gets sick of me). Having him work from home has been heaven to me. I love knowing he is just right downstairs. I love spending time with my kids too, but I need a break from them every once in awhile.

7-I love summer and anything that has to do with summer and sunshine. There is nothing better than sitting in the sun. Everyone just seems so happy during the summer. I wish it could be summer all the time.

Danielle I am tagging YOU!


Christensen Family said...

Lessley....I loved reading yours!! I would never guess that you aren't organized. I have never seen you when you aren't all put together so cute....and I've never seen your house a mess. Remember, I used to visit teach you....and I would NEVER even see a footprint on your perfectly vacuumed carpet. I think it's great that Ryan cooks for you. You're too hard on yourself though....'cause the things I've tasted that you've made have been yummy. (chocolate cookies...and that AMAZING apple!!) I love having you for a friend...and I think you're WAY too modest about yourself. :o) You looked so pretty on Sunday, by the way! I loved your outfit. Talk to you soon!!

Gina Beans said...

Hey Lessley...Fun list!! Whatever about you not being organized, I don't believe that!! I'm going to have to try the being sick thing...maybe I can get out of cooking too!!

a-anderson said...

I love finding out more about you. I don't believe that you are disorganized either. It never seems that way. I worry a lot too. Don't you hate that? I think you are too hard on yourself. You are awesome!

Anne Marie said...

I love your list. And whatever on the disorganized thing. I have never seen your house anything but spotless and you are never late! And you are so lucky to have a husband that cooks for you! I love that Ryan put recipes on his blog. I am going to try them. I agree that summer is the best time. I love the sun! Next summer we'll have to get out the kiddie pools and let our kids splash around together.

Biscuit said...


I am so EXCITED to hear from you, and I am even more excited that you have a blog! It is a great way to keep in touch and seeing that we haven't talked for a LONG LONG time, I am excited (again) to see what you are up to through the blog.


Christensen Family said...

Lessley....You'll have to make Ryan do the "tag" thing.... I tagged him on my post, and I can't wait to read his list!! :o)

Anonymous said...

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