November 01, 2007

Happy Halloween! (Late).

Well, I am a little late posting this, but better late than never right? As you can see we had fun dressing up this year like the characters from Peter Pan. Isn't Ryan a great Captain Hook? And Hallie makes such a cute little Tinkerbell. I had fun getting our costumes together, but to be honest I am so glad Halloween is over. Once it finally came I wasn't really in the Halloween mood.

It was fun to see Eli get so excited. This is the first year he really understood what was going on. It was so cute to hear his cute little voice say, "Trick or treat" at each house. He did not want to stop.

The thing I hate about Halloween is you go out and get tons of candy, but then you always have tons left over from what you were passing out, so then you end up with more than you started with. I guess for some that is good, but for some reason this year I was not amused by the fact that I have all this candy laying around. If anyone wants more candy (Alish, I hear you are a big fan of candy), come on over and I will give you some.


a-anderson said...

Your family looks amazing! Way to go, getting into the Halloween spirit. I know what you are saying about all the candy. We have more than enough right now. I am feeling sick after raiding my kids buckets.

Christensen Family said...

Lessley....I love all of your costumes!! How cute that your whole family dressed up!! We did a whole Wizard of Oz theme one year...and Jason wouldn't dress up again after that. ha ha I always think of when you and Ryan dressed up like Shrek and Fiona. You guys are great. Hope you had fun!!

Gina Beans said...

Love the Peter Pan theme...I'm all about themes!! Good sport Ryan you rule!! I'm with Carrie though you guys will always be Shrek and Fiona!!

Savage Family said...

I love the family theme! You guys are so creative!! Yes you were awesome and Shrek and Fiona!

Anonymous said...

Hello - We are the Teeples as well, We are from Salem, Oregon! There are not that many with that last name out there!!!

Gina Beans said... make me laugh!! You totally would not offend me!! It took a few episodes for us to really start liking the show...but I just found out today that it's going to be cancelled!! So maybe it is a really stupid show and we are just hurting for comedy!! I love ya!!