September 27, 2007

Aren't you Jealous?

We are enjoying our time in sunny Florida. Haha. It has rained 90% of the time we have been here. But we have still been able to have a good time,in the 10% of the time we had good weather.

This is the view looking out our hotel window. Not too shabby if you ask me.

We went on a fun little boat ride on the ocean where Eli was able to drive the boat,Ryan was able to do a little wakeboarding(in front of Tiger Woods new property), and Eli and Ryan went on a little boogie board ride. Hallie and I just enjoyed the scenery, and all the gigantic beach houses.

We have had such a GREAT time, and its all because of our great hosts Julie and Mark. Thanks guys its been a BLAST!

Well, today is actually a sunny day, so we are going to hit the beach (As soon as Ryan gets back from golfing).


Gina Beans said... much fun!! What a fun vacation!! I need a vacation!!

Christensen Family said...

Lessley....How fun!! I lived in Florida for a summer, and I loved it!! It was called Hobe Sound....and it's an island off of Jupiter. It was so much fun having the beach RIGHT THERE, all the time!! When I saw the picture, I got jealous!! I hope you guys keep having fun! Call me when you get home 'cause I have some fun stuff for you. ha ha

Savage Family said...

I am jealous!! Love the pics!!!

ampy said...

How fun!! Eli looks so cute driving the boat!

ampy said...

Hey, you need to post your cinnamon roll recipe! They were so yummy!!!