March 08, 2012

For sale…

Nine month baby girl


Comes complete with lungs that scream bloody murder any time her mom is not holding her or looking right at her.

Don’t even get me started on the tantrum she throws if mom leaves the room.

Is a fussy eater.

Doesn’t like to be dressed, snuggled, or have her feet touched.

Cries and whines any time she is riding in the car.

When holding her she is constantly thrashing and flipping her body around. (Your arms will get a work out).

Doesn’t sleep for half her naps, and was up most the night last night.

But that’s not all…if you purchase now, we will even throw in teething of her front teeth, and a runny nose.

And don’t forget she is absolutely adorable!


Great buy!

All reasonable offers considered.


carrie said...

Bella and I have decided, after a whole 2 seconds of deep thought, that we will definitely take her. : )

Hubba's Thoughts said...

You're right, she is adorable. Love the post, we've all been there. Hopefully you'll sleep well tonight.

Lindsay said...

Ugh - I had 2 of those. And that is the reason I am DONE having kids. Good luck with that ;) She is a doll!

Anonymous said...

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