October 23, 2011

A couple special dates

Awhile back Ryan and I decided that our kids were old enough that we wanted to start taking them on individual dates.

I had free tickets to Cars2, so I decided to start with Eli by taking him on a date to see the movie.

DSCN0172July 7, 2011

I went all out and even bought popcorn and a drink.


After the movie he really wanted to get a pizza from Little Caesers for dinner. He didn’t want to take it home, and it was too cold to eat it outside, so we sat in the parking lot in the back of the truck and ate our pizza.


It was so fun spending that one on one time with him. He can be pretty silly.

Well, the summer got crazy and I never had a chance to take Hallie on her date.

We finally did it this week.


I saw that Build a Bear had a really cute owl that would match her room perfectly, and it was on SALE!

So I asked her if she wanted to go get the Owl for our date. Of course she was super excited. She really didn’t care what animal she got, just as long as she could go to Build a Bear.


We then went to lunch at Hot Dog on a Stick.


She was grinning and jittery that whole date.

I love how excited she gets and all the emotion that she shows when she is having a good time.

I loved having my special dates with each of my kids. It is amazing to me how different they are when they get 100% of my attention.

I just love each of  their very different personalities.


Nagels said...

how special. i bet they loved it too. we do this too with our kids and it is so good to start it at a young age. cute cute family !!!

Anonymous said...

I think it is AWESOME that you take the time out to spend individual time with your kids. Doing stuff like that makes it MUCH less likely that you're kids will put you in a home someday, so it's a good investment. :)