September 20, 2011

Can’t keep up..

I don’t know if it is having three kids, or summer, or selling our house, or just life, or the combination of all…but I just can’t keep my head above water.


I feel like for the last 3 and a half months my house is a mess, my kids are a mess, and I am a mess. I feel like I am constantly busy and moving, but nothing gets done.

I’m starting to feel so overwhelmed. Maybe three kids really does break you. Smile

Every week, I think, if I can just get through this week of craziness, I can settle down and focus on tackling the things I let go that week, and then another crazy weeks presents itself and I just get farther behind. Whether it is sickness, a vacation, trying to get the house ready for show for an unexpected showing, school starting, babysitting, parties, and just life, there is always something.

Not to mention, I am just tired ALL THE TIME! Getting up at 7:00 to get Eli to school is killing me.

I obviously, wouldn’t trade all this craziness (aka, my kids) for anything, but I would love to be able to just feel like I have a handle on things again.

Maybe someday. Maybe someday.


Anne Marie said...

I hear ya!!! Three kids totally broke me, don't know what I was thinking when I signed up for four! Love the little guys but sheesh. A nap would be nice! And a to-do list without 50,000 things on it that will probably never get done...

Cindy said...

You are a lot like I was raising my kids everything I did I tryed to do with perfection. Hair, clothes, schedules, etc... Now that I am older I look back and think did it really matter if I let them sleep in their clothes every once in awhile? I know the answer is No but I still find myself saying Yes!! You are a great mom Lessley, just try and make your Yes a No sometimes:-) Love Ya!!!

Tiffany said...

It'll get better I promise! You could always send your kids over to play you know! Next time I have co-op send them all over and take a 3 hour nap and yes I'm serious, isn't that why we signed up for co-op. Let me know what else I can do to help.

Tara said...

Can I add my AMEN and HALLELUJAH to this post? That is my life in a nutshell (sans selling my house) but, I am never caught up. Life as a mom to crazy kids, I guess!