May 18, 2011

Easter crafts

April 21-

Ryan was out of town again this weekend, so the kids and I made some fun little Easter crafts (and I painted the kitchen, again) to keep ourselves busy.

Painted the kitchen for the THIRD time!! Still not the exact color I had in mind, but decided it was good enough. I am not painting it again!

April 22-

I saw some cute string baskets online and thought they would be fun to make.

The kids had fun making them, but kept saying, “This is messy.” And they were right. It was extremely messy.




I don’t know what I did wrong, but of course they didn’t turn out very well, and looked nothing like the ones online.


But the kid’s liked them and had fun.

After the baskets we made Rice Krispie eggs. Again another messy activity, but they thought it was so fun. We stuffed colored Rice Krispie mixture into plastic egss and then took them out.


They turned out ok, but again not as good as they looked online.



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