February 09, 2011

…just get a kitten

I don’t want me kids to grow up.

And I tell them this all the time.

I always say things like, “Will you stop growing up?” Or “How come you are getting bigger? I told you to stop growing.”

Eli’s response is always, “I can’t. Jesus made me to grow.”

Well the other day, Hallie and I were having a conversation about her growing up:

HALLIE: Mom, I can’t wait to get big. I am getting big all the time.

ME: Yes. You are getting big. It makes mom sad how big you are getting.

HALLIE: Why? I like getting bigger. On my birthday I will be FOUR!!

ME: Yep! You will be four. You are growing too fast. I want you to stay my little girl forever.

HALLIE: I can’t! Then I can’t get big and be a mommy.

ME: When you get big and become a mommy and Eli gets big and becomes a daddy, what am I supposed to do? I will be all alone with no kids to take care of.

HALLIE: (without skipping a beat and with a big smile), You can just get a kitten!!

Apparently, she thinks that her and Eli are easily replaced with kittens.



I just want to keep them this cute and innocent forever. But since I can’t, I guess I will just get a kitten.