January 09, 2011

October overview

Oct. 16- UEA weekend we took a quick trip to St. George. The agenda: swim, swim, swim.

Mission accomplished!

IMG_0431 IMG_0438 IMG_0439

And this is a perfect depiction of our kid’s personalities…

Eli zonked out after a long day.


Hallie still wide awake late at night after a long day.


Oct. 22- Gardner Village

We went to Gardner Village for Witches Night Out!

Hallie, me , my mom, my sister-in-law, and my niece and nephew, got all dressed up and headed to Gardner Village for Witches Night Out. Hallie loved it!



Hallie’s favorite part was DANCING. Every time the music came on she would beg to go over by the dancing area. Then she would dance, dance, dance. She loves to sing and dance.

IMG_0516This is her favorite dance move.


Oct. 29-

Eli had his costume parade at school. He was the cutest little Scooby there.


That night we went to my parent’s house where we had a little family Halloween party. It was super fun and I am glad my sister-in-law put it together. Two of my brothers were there, my cousin Dani and her family, my cousin Michelle, and even my grandma came.

IMG_0024I wish I would have got a picture of everyone, but i was kinda lazy with the camera.

My sister-in-law Denell put together a cute little scavenger hunt for the kids.


IMG_0029 hunting…

IMG_0032 hunting…

IMG_0035 Found it!!! The treasure!


They played some Halloween BINGO.


And we had a doughnut eating contest. Super funny watching the little kids. The big boys were pretty entertaining too.

IMG_0058 IMG_0064 Hopefully we can do it again next year!

Oct. 30-

During the day we took the kids to a trunk-or-treat at a nearby dealership. We went last year and they got lots of candy and coupons, so we decided to try it again this year.

It wasn’t quite as good, but still pretty good. The kids liked the candy, and I liked all the free kids meal certificates they got from the restaurant vendors that were there.

IMG_0015  Hallie wore this cute ladybug costume for the trunk-or-treat

That night Ryan took the kids out Trick-or-Treating around the neighborhood. It was raining and cold, and so I was glad it was Ryan’s year to take them, while I stayed in and passed out candy. There weren’t a whole lot of trick-or-treaters this year.

IMG_0085 The gang right before heading out into the cold. Isn’t Hallie the cutest little Daphne ever?

Ryan and the kids didn’t stay out too long, because of the cold. Eli wanted to keep going, but Hallie was not enjoying it.

After they got back from freezing, and getting a little candy we headed over to some neighbors who were having a little party. The kids bobbed for apples, painted pumpkins, and played together. The adults chatted and ate yummy chili.

Then we headed up to Ryan’s parent’s house to visit his family. All in all a good little Halloween.

IMG_0090 Shaggy and Scooby-best friends forever.

P.S. We also went to the Pumpkin Patch again this year, and I did take pictures. But apparently they magically erased themselves from my camera. They are gone. Vanished! Really weird actually.

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