January 23, 2011

New Years

I guess I wasn’t totally caught up on 2010. I forgot New Year’s Eve.

We were invited by my aunt and uncle, who live in Boise, to come hang out with them over the New Year’s weekend.

We picked up my cousin Dani and her cute little girl and headed up Thursday afternoon. The roads were clear most the way, but we did hit a little area that was a complete white out. But we made it.

It was a fun weekend of a little shopping, Dispicable Me watching, some Kinect playing, and just doing nothing. It was fun.

IMG_0792 Hallie and Little E watching shows


Eli doing what he loves-drawing, coloring, creating

Playing the Kinect


Michelle was a natural


Sandra and Danielle


Kelsi-so serious.


Eli and Kevin getting down


Hallie practicing her moves

Ryan is lucky that I can’t get the video to work of him and his dance skills. Lets just say I think he may be a worse dancer than me, and I am a BAD dancer. And not bad as in awesome, but bad is in horrible. Maybe I will keep trying to load the video. For all of your viewing pleasure. The Kinect definitely provided us with lots of laughs!

IMG_0812Kevin was such a sport, and took the kids and the dog, for a walk in the freezing cold.

Thanks Sandra and Kevin for the fun!


Danielle said...

That was so fun! I am so glad you guys picked me up on your way...I never would have wanted to miss Ryan's sweet moves! :) Thanks again guys!!!

Sandra said...

Thanks for coming. We loved having yo here! Please get the video of Ryan to work, there are days when I really need a good laugh!