January 09, 2011

And the party isn’t over yet…

Nov. 13-

This year I was not in the mood to do a friend birthday for Eli. but I figured it was his birthday, and  I still wanted him to have fun. So I decided to give him some options: a small party at our house with a couple friends, or a party at Chuck E. Cheeses with all his cousins. He chose cousins! I was so relieved. Although I knew it would cost a little more, I knew the stress would be way less, because there would be parents there to watch their own kids.


It was a success. And he was able to be there with ALL his cousins, even the ones that live in Montana and Idaho. Eli was elated!

He got tons of presents. A couple of his favorites were his two Zhu zhu pets and some Legos. He also received a bouncy ball making kit, hoodie, water bottle, yo-yo, and some cash.

IMG_0358 IMG_0355

We played, ate pizza, ate cupcakes, and sang Happy Birthday.





IMG_0332  IMG_0331

I thought it was a great party and very easy for me.

Nov. 14-

The next day Ryan’s mom had another little party to celebrate him and Ryan’s grandma Teeples’ birthday. He is one spoiled kid.


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