August 24, 2010

Brian’s Birthday

July 18-

Celebrated Brian’s birthday. Although, his birthday isn’t until Aug. 28th, we knew we probably wouldn’t see him around his birthday, so we celebrated it early.

We had chocolate cake with sticky white icing.


The kids had so much fun playing with their cousins. They always love when Cole is around.

They dressed up and were silly.



And I thought this was funny…

As Brain, Brittany, and Cole were getting to leave Cole asked for his blanket. He then took the blanket and would rub it on his ear and on his face. But he can’t just use any part of the blanket, there are special parts of it that can be rubbed on his face. I thought that was so cute.

IMG_0032 IMG_0034


Cole and me. I love this kid. I wish he lived closer, so we could see him more. He reminds me so much of Eli when he was that age.

We had s’mores and enjoyed some time around the fire in my parent’s backyard.


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