April 11, 2010


Our Easter started Saturday. We had a neighborhood egg hunt. The kids loved it, but dang, it was cold. The kids got lots of yummy loot.



Hallie really surprised me. She wasn’t really into it. She didn’t want to pick up the eggs, she wanted me to get them for her. I would never have guessed she would be like that. She is such a candy junky, and she knew there was candy in them. So I don’t know what her deal was.


Eli looking for the Silver egg. He got a special prize for finding it. (Or for Ryan showing him where it was).


Eli with some of his neighborhood friends.

Sunday the kids woke up to Easter baskets and another little hunt around the house.



Then we headed to my parent’s house for Easter dinner, dying eggs, and of course the annual egg hunt. The kids had fun searching for eggs, and Ryan REALLY had fun searching for eggs.






Ryan takes the Hunt very seriously. He goes crazy. He did end up with the most eggs and the most money, so I guess it is worth it.

The only thing that could have made it better was if ALL of my brother’s and their families were there.

Then we were able to swing by some friends and have some ice cream and cobbler. My kids love The Johnson’s.



Tara said...

Aren't our husbands the biggest kids we have? Maurice watches more cartoons then the kids! Easter looked like fun at the Teeples-guess we'll be over next year. be prepared with Reeses eggs-they're my fav.

Lindsay said...

La-LOVE Halee's easter dress!