March 15, 2010

Special order pancakes

Ryan is such a great dad and cook.

The other night the kids wanted Waffles for dinner. We made one waffle and then the waffle maker broke. If I would have been cooking I would have said, “Sorry kids, no waffles. Looks like cereal for dinner tonight."

Well not Ryan. He says, “Sorry guys no waffles. How about I do custom pancakes?”  Of course the kids were excited.

So of course Hallie “orders” a pink pancake with no syrup.

Eli “orders” a blue blueberry pancake with maple syrup.

And of course I “ordered” a chocolate chip pancake with chocolate syrup. (Props to him for trying, but it wasn’t as good as my dad used to make).


(the pink and the blue)

The kids loved this fun little dinner.

And I loved how Ryan put a fun spin on a boring dinner.

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Mangone said...

I remember when Dad made us chocolate chip pancakes with chocolate syrup. That was a lot of fun.