March 19, 2010

One step closer to Kindergarten

Today was Kindergarten check-up day for my little E-Man. Not so fun for him.

He was real quiet on the way to the Dr.’s office. I could tell he was nervous. But every time I asked him if he was he told me no.

He told me he would be brave. I wasn’t so sure. As I mentioned before he is a real sensitive kid (translation: kinda wussy). I thought for sure it would be a fight to get him in there.

DSCN0444(waiting for the Dr. Looking pretty nervous to me) 

Boy, did he prove me wrong! He was a CHAMP! He passed his exam with flying colors. He sees perfect, hears perfect, blood pressure’s perfect, height and weight perfect. He is just perfect!

DSCN0448 (passing his eye exam)

DSCN0451 (taking his blood pressure)

Then came the shots. 5!!! He had to have 5 shots! Poor kid. I thought maybe 2 or 3, but 5? I got teary-eyed when they told me that!

But he pulled through. They jammed the first two in each arm. He stayed strong! Then they jammed one in each leg. That got him. He cried. Then another in the leg. More tears. Really, though. I couldn’t blame him. Honestly, I would have cried too.

DSCN0452 (Look at all those band-aids. And that sad little face)

Oh. I felt so bad. But even though he cried it wasn’t screaming crying, just some big tears. I really was proud of him.

Then they told him he could have 5 stickers and a pencil. He was over it. Completely over it. He heard the word pencil, and life was good. Oh. So easily pleased.

Then of course I had to erase the images from his mind that his own mother would take him somewhere where they would jab him 5 times and cause him so much pain, so I took him to the Ice Cream Shoppe and candy store. Now his only memories of me are sweet, delicious ones. Haha.

DSCN0458 (he’s definitely thinking that he has the coolest mom ever)


carrie said...

5?? Poor kid! Bo only had to get 3, I promise. :o) I'm glad you bought the kid some ice cream. I would have needed a whole gallon of ice cream after FIVE shots! ha ha

Tara said...

I had to literally put Alec in a figure 8 choke hold so the MA could give him the shots!!! You're a good mom-I told him to get over it and toughen up-I am so mean.