March 17, 2010

Mountain West Conference in Vegas


                       (Ryan, Lessley, Rebecca & Kimball)


Mountain West Conference  trip highlights

*BYU winning their first game

*Crazy drunk New Mexico fans. Hugging. Hilarious!

*Rebecca not throwing up in the car from morning sickness.

*Coaster wars

*Watching 16 hours of basketball and actually enjoying it.

*Bellagio water show

*M&M 3-D movie. Words cannot express how awesome this was. (Can you hear the sarcasm?)


*Crazy weird waiter at Hard Rock Cafe

*Hideous picture taken at Hard Rock Cafe

*Intense snow storm coming home. Took forever to get home from St. George.

*Lots and lots of laughs.



Alicia said...

What?! The M&M's movie is AWESOME! Ok, well maybe not that awesome but did you at least get to pick some M&M's from the rainbow wall of candy?

Looks like so much fun (minus all the b-ball.) ;)

Mangone said...

I always got to the M&M 3-D Movie, that and the New York New York rollercoaster are a MUST on my Vegas travels.