March 09, 2010

Doe a deer

When Ryan and I were first married and lived on the benches of Provo we would see deer all the time. In the road, in fields, in the cemetery, in our driveway. It was awesome. I loved it. I know they are just deer and so common, but every time I saw them I loved it.

There is a cemetery that we passed every time we went to and from Ryan’s parent’s house in North Orem to our house in Provo. In this cemetery when we drove by at night, usually really, really late at night, we would ALWAYS see deer. Not just a few, but lots. One night we literally counted over 100 deer.

It became a favorite ritual of ours. Every night after leaving his parent’s house we would make a drive through the cemetery to scope out the deer. We would also drive past the golf course where we would find deer and sometimes even herds of Elk.

After we moved to Lehi we never had reason to drive past the cemetery and so our beloved trips searching for deer pretty much ended.

A couple months ago we were leaving Ryan’s parent’s house really late. Ryan, being the great dad that he is, had the idea to take the kids to the cemetery hunting for deer.

The kids thought it sounded fun and were excited, but I was REALLY excited.

We went and sure enough we saw some deer. Not nearly as many as Ryan and I used to see, but some nonetheless. The kids were sooo excited. It made it all so much more fun for me. I already love seeing the deer, but to see my kids so excited made it even more fun.

Since then, Eli always asks if it is late enough to go look for deer. He also is always on the look out for deer. He loves seeing them as much as I do. It never gets old for him either.

He was so excited the other day when we were driving in Ryan’s parent’s neighborhood, in the middle of the day, and he saw a herd of deer sitting in their neighbor’s yard. Of course, I stopped and we gawked at the deer. Our gawking scared them and they took off up the street. So naturally we followed them up the road, until they wandered into someone’s yard where we couldn’t see them anymore.

Yes, I realize we are geeks and deer aren’t THAT exciting. But our family loves them!!


This is the herd we stalked


                                  The little tiny buck


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Russ said...

Lessley you must have gotten that from your dad. I like to look for deer and wildlife myself. Just Saturday while snowmobiling we came across a herd of deer and had to stop and watch them and take pictures.