March 29, 2010

A 180

Eli played soccer last fall.

Well, at least he was signed up and walked around the field.

Let’s just say I was slightly embarrassed, ok VERY embarrassed every game.

He was always the one lagging behind, he never fought for the ball, if someone fell he was more worried about them then he was about making a goal.

He only made 1 goal the whole season, and it was in the last game and in the last second.

Spring soccer started up last Saturday. I went preparing myself for another game of Eli being the straggler.

Oh that kid proved me WRONG! He was amazing. He had made a 180. He was aggressive, he fought for the ball, he could dribble it down the field, and he made a GOAL!! I was so proud! We were all a little shocked.

There were three times that he dribbled the ball down to the goal, and if the goals would have been about 8” longer on each side he would have made those.

He tried so hard and did so well. I don’t know what got into that kid, but he was on FIRE!!

Of course I didn’t take my camera, because I was sure there wouldn’t be anything new to document.

Hopefully he will keep up his enthusiasm for the whole season, and he will be our little soccer star.

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Tiffany said...

He was awesome now he needs to rub off on Rylan. Bu the kids are so cute playing and I love all the previous posts I just didn't comment sorry.