February 03, 2010

Sledding into the New Year

The last few years we have gone sledding with Ryan's family on or very close to the first day of the new year. I guess we can now officially call it a tradition.


  I am not a fan myself of sledding. Yes, I am neurotic, and I am always afraid someone is going to get mangled or die.


This year was a big step for me. I let Eli go down the hill on a sled all by himself. Yes. He's 5. Yes. Most moms let their 5 year olds sled alone. And yes. Maybe I baby him too much. (I told you I am a neurotic mom). It was one of those mom moments that I felt scared to death and proud at the very same time. I would smile and cringe as he went down.



I smiled because HE. LOVED. IT!! He would go down, walk up all by himself, and then just hop right back on the sled and go again.
And I was proud because Eli is usually so cautious, (kinda like his mom) and isn't terribly adventurous. I never would have thought he would love going by himself so much. Or dare to, for that matter.  But he did. And I was PROUD! He's growing up, whether I like it or not!


Hallie had fun too. She was so funny. She acted scared as she was going down, but as soon as we reached bottom, she would say, “Do it again!”

She also slowly undressed. By the time we left she had taken off her gloves, her coat, and her hat. 

She cracks me up!




Alicia said...

Good for you for letting Eli go by himself down the hill! It's hard letting our little ones grow up, huh?
Cute pics.

Teresa said...

that looks like so much fun. i'm paranoid too, i'm afraid of head injuries. they are getting so big. we should get together soon! miss ya!

Anne Marie said...

How fun! I'm impressed that Hallie liked it so much. We took the kids to Soldier Hollow the other day and Abby was NOT a fan. We had to take turns waiting at the bottom with her. The boys loved it though. Anyway, cute pics!! What a fun tradition.

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