February 26, 2010

A sensitive soul

This is the face of a very sensitive boy!


I always knew that Eli was a little more sensitive and sweet than the average little boy.  He has just always had a gentle little soul. He worries about others and thier well being. He is always taking care of his sister, and is so concerend when she is sick or hurt.

In soccer if someone falls, he is over there to make sure that they are ok. (Sometimes a little embarrassing for me).

But yesterday really showed me just what a tender heart he has.

Eli and Hallie were upstairs in the loft watching Lilo and Stitch, the second one. All the sudden I thought I heard sniffles. Not I have a runny nose sniffle, but I am crying sniffle.

I say up to Eli, “Are you guys crying up there?” Eli says back, “No.” With a tremble in his voice. I decided to sneak up there and see what is going on.

I get up there and there is Eli sitting on the couch, holding onto a pillow, red eyes, and big tears rolling down his face.

I look at him and he sees me. I said, “Bud, why you crying?” He hides his face embarrassed and says, “I”m not!” I say, “Yeah you are. I see tears on your face.” He says, “No. I am not. My eyes are just wet.”

So I ask Hallie if the show is sad. Of course she is totally unaffected by the movie. But she does say, “Yes. They took that girl’s mom away.” Eli jumps in with his quivery voice and says, “No. Hallie it was her sister. They took her sister away!”

He was upset because the aliens or something took the sister away. I calmed Eli down, he stopped crying, and I went back downstairs. Hallie came down with me.

About 10 minutes later I hear Eli say, again with a quiver in his voice, “Hallie come here.” Hallie goes up there and I hear him say, “Hallie they brought her sister back. I am so happy!”

I sneak up there again, and sure enough he is sitting there again with tears in his eyes, crying. This time because he was so happy that the sisters were reunited.

That is Eli for you. He gets so emotional and has the sweetest heart.

I love this kid and his sweet personality!

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Lindsay said...

Awwww what a sweet boy. He's gonna have a lot of girls interested if he's the sensitive type!

Thanks for your comments on my blog, especially my horrible mother post!