September 21, 2009

Bubble Bonanza

This is what our tub looked like this morning after the kids had been in it for about 5 minutes.


Eli turned on the jets and it made bubbles. Every time he turned them on it made more and more bubbles and they got bigger and bigger.

They thought it was so funny. They were laughing and having so much fun.




Danielle said...

How fun!

carrie said...

They're so cute...and they're getting so big. :o) Hope you guys are doing well! xoxo

Tiffany said...

Ah I love bubble baths, they are so fun and kids make them even more fun. SO cute.

Alicia said...

So fun! Just makes me so happy for you that you have those two precious kiddos and they love each other so much!

Sierra said...

Yes, I have learned that you can't have a bubble bath and keep the jets on the whole time... the bubbles start to take over and hopefully you can find the button in time under all the mayhem.

Scott Teeples said...

My name is Scott Teeples and I live in Klamath Falls, Oregon. I may be a distant cousin. I am doing lots of genelogy and looking for the Teeples name. Did a web search and there you were. I grew down in Delta, Utah (Millard county). I have not met a Teeples yet that I am not related to at some distant. Please let me know.
Scott Teeples -

Mangone said...

Hi Guy's. Yes Brian left. Cole is really having a hard time with it. We miss him. Thank you for being there for me. The kids look so cute. I miss watching them all grow up.