February 18, 2009

Grow Old With You


I had such a fun Valentine's weekend. We started it off by going to our YW/YM Dinner/Dance fundraiser. And it was so much fun. Even though the days leading up to it were a lot of work for us leaders, I think the dinner/dance itself was a big hit, and the youth did a great job. The food was good and the entertainment was great.

dance Dancing

Everything was great until about half way through. That is when my sweet, adorable, wonderful husband. (Can you hear the sarcasm)? Decided it would be so fun to totally and completely embarrass me. He had the dance stopped, came out on the stage, had me come up, and sang to me "our song" (Grow Old with You. By Adam Sandler). I didn't even know we had a song.

Anyone that knows me knows that the worst thing you could  do to me is put me in the spotlight. Let's just  say he ruined his night. If you know what I mean. :) He can be such a nerd sometimes!feb09_266-1

Aside from that it was fun to eat good food and hang out with fun people.

Saturday night we spent playing games and enjoying the company of friends. It was great. I love  Ryan to pieces and it is fun to do things just the two of us, but it was also so fun to be able to spend this holiday with other people.


rain said...

Sometimes embarrassment is the ultimate proof of love. For both parties. :)

My question is this: Did Ryan use the "almost-baby-voice" that Adam Sandler gets as he tries not to laugh during his own songs? Cause if so, that IS love. ;)

carrie said...

OK...I am dying over the fact that Ryan sang to you at the dance!! I wish SO BADLY that I would have been there! I'm with you....I would have been so embarrassed if it was ME, but I have to admit that I love the fact that he did that! Please tell me someone video'd it so I can see it...?? How romantic, Lessley! ;o) I agree with your friend....and I'm dying to know if Ryan sang it in the Adam Sandler baby type voice...?? hee hee LOVE IT!! Plus, you guys look so cute in the pictures! I'm glad you had fun! Anne Marie and Jason look adorable, too. Glad you had a good Valentine's Day!!

Tiffany said...

I'm sorry but that is the cutest thing ever. We had to leave early and now i'm mad we did. I wish my husband had just a little of that kind of romance in his body.