October 05, 2008

Our little beauty salon

  Tonight Eli came out of the backroom and tod me that he had done Hallie's hair. And sure enough Hallie came tagging in behind him. Her hair was soaking wet, "combed", with the touch of a  headband.  Eli was very proud of himself and told me that "she didn't even move a bit" while he was doing her hair.

Eli's first hair styling attempt.

hair 005

Then he asked Ryan if he could do his hair. Ryan agreed. Hallie also decided that she needed to get in on the action. Both Hallie and Eli sat and styled Ryan's hair for a good 20 minutes. What funny kids.

First you spray it.

hair 001

Then you comb it.

hair 002

Then you put in some mousse.

hair 004

Add the final touch. Spike it into a mohawk.

hair 003

Hallie getting in on the action

hair 012

Then of course Eli had to do his hair.

hair 008 hair 009


Heidi P said...

Haha that is so cute of Eli...What a good brother :)

Jenny W said...

HA! How cute is that?!

rain said...

Now I dare you to give him some scissors. :) Would Ryan still be as brave?
Cole would be totally adverse to the whole mohawk thing. He feels that any hair that sticks up, is "Lousy". If you'd ask him, he'd tell you that Jeff has the lousiest hair around.

Lindsay said...

I love Ryan's expression! Too funny.

crazy christensen family said...

You guys are great parents! Future hairstylist in the family. You could save a lot of money in the future lessley! Hey, why didn't you get your hair styled?

The Griffin's said...

I need Eli to come over here stat! My hair is needing a serious make-over.

Savage Family said...

Love the salon how fun !!!

Nagels said...

cute. so fun, they look like they have a blast together. I can't wait to see how Charlize will interact with her sibling.

Alicia said...

Could you ask Eli if I should chop my hair? I'm just feelin' like I need a professional's opinion...

Heidi J. said...

that is so cute!! I love how Eli was doing ryans hair.

Anonymous said...

can i come over and have eli fix my hair. what a cute little guy. too funny that he ended up fixing ryan's hair also.

Sierra said...

Eli is such a character. I love it.