August 16, 2008

Vegas Vacation

Last weekend we went on a fun little family vacation down to Vegas. Some friends of ours were there from Florida and asked if we wanted to meet them down there. So of course we will use any excuse to go on vacation. Although it wasn't quite as relaxing as the last time we went (is anything relaxing with kids?) We still had fun. Here are some of the highlights:

*The kids slept almost the whole way there.

*Going down the slide at the pool.

*Eli being so brave-he finally would jump in the pool (with a little persuasion from Ryan. Ryan told him if he did it he could have a milkshake). Of course after he did it once he loved it, and did it over and over.IMG_2734

*Eli being really brave and going down the slide all by himselfIMG_2751.

*Hallie jumping in the pool.IMG_2758 

*A little shopping.

*Seeing friends we haven't seen for awhile.

*More swimming.

Watching the water show at The Bellagio.


*Reading "Breaking dawn".

*Getting away from the daily grind.IMG_2772

*Spending three whole days straight with Ryan.



Lindsay said...

I want a vacation! Sounds like fun.

I tried so hard the other day to leave a message on your blog and for some reason it would not let me!!! I was so frustrated I just gave up...

Key Fam said...

Sounds like FUN!!! I really want to come visit BEFORE the Draper Temple open house! LOL! We Will again here soon, for sure! :)

Jenny W said...

Oh, that sounds so dang fun!! We haven't been there in awhile, but it's always a great vacation. Hope it wasn't too hot right now....We went in August once, and Yikes! But what a blast anyway :) (And you didn't mention the buffets-always one of our favorite parts!) Now I want a vacation too!!

janae said...

That sounds great! Especially getting away from the daily grind. I love Vegas. Looks like you stayed at a great hotel too.

Heidi P said...

That sounds like a great little get away...Your kids are cute.

Tiffany said...

Sounds like fun except how hot? I'm really a cool weather type of gal. I love it when kids realize things aren't as scary as they thought then they can have more fun.

carrie said...

How fun!! My kids always have so much fun there, too!!