June 24, 2008

The rest of the trip

The last few days of our trip we stayed with my brother Brian, his wife Brittany,and their cute little boy Cole. They live in Great Falls, MT where Brian is stationed while he is in the Air Force.

There isn't a whole lot to do there, but we still had so much fun visiting, seeing the two things to see, and just hanging out and letting the kids get to know each other better.

The Hatchery. Feeding fish.


              The Great fallsIMG_2297


Aren't they cute?  Little Cole reminds me of Eli when he was that age. He looks just like him.                           IMG_2250IMG_2243 

Hallie took her first three steps at the Great Falls park.

She also got her first two bottom teeth on this trip. FINALLY!!may-june 2008 544

Eli by the big Airplanes on base.

IMG_2303  THANKS Brian and Brittany for letting us crash at your house and invade your space. Sorry if Hallie kept you up all night every night. We appreciated the place to stay and had so much fun with you guys.

We miss you already!


carrie said...

How fun that you got to see your brother's family, too!! You guys had quite the trip!! I loved ALL the pictures. You look great...and your family is ADORABLE, as always!! I'm glad you made it back safe and sound. Welcome back to exciting LEHI. :o)

Mangone said...

You guys are always welcome here and it's nice to see you and your great kids. It was fun and next time maybe the farmers market will be open.

Heidi P said...

Wow Les- Looks awesome! That is some serious driving- you are brave to do that with 2 kids! Fun to see family though. And those baby bears look so cute. That pic of you at Mt Rushmore looks fake, I bet it was cool to see. Welcome home! Way to brave a long car trip- looks like it was worth it though!

a-anderson said...

It is always fun to get away and visit family. It looks like you had a great time. Cute pictures you you and your family.

a-anderson said...
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