April 08, 2008

Thanks a Bunch!

My parents are the best! Without them Ryan and I would not have been able to go on our relaxing vacation. And I know when I am gone the kids will be fine, and not even miss me, because grandma and grandpa do so much with them.

Eli loves being there. I don't know how they keep up with him so well, I mean I am young and he wears me out. Yet, they are OLD and they just cater to his every whim ,and play non stop with him. This time my mom had to work all day Thursday, so my dad had to watch the kids all day long. I think that night he had the best night sleep my dad has had in awhile. I am pretty sure Eli wore him completely out!

Whenever I leave my kids with people I am always afraid that whoever is watching them are going to be bugged with them or just go crazy, (because lets face it, Eli doesn't just wear you out physically, but he is emotionally exhausting also). And then there is Hallie who sleeps sparatically. so I am always more worried about the people watching my kids, than I am about my kids. But every time my parents watch the kids they always act like it was just a party the whole time, and that my kids were 100% perfect. As much as I would love to believe that is true, I know how they really are. But I always hope that maybe they are telling the truth and by some miracle Eli behaved, only asked an appropriate amount of questions, and Hallie slept like a charm. At least this is how my parents paint the picture, so then I don't feel as bad that I left them to take care of my kids for four days straight.

I am so glad that my parents are so willing to help me out with my kids.Anytime I need a babysitter whether it is for an hour or a week, they rearrange their schedules to help me out. And I think they may be the only people that love them almost as much as me!

I asked Eli what he liked best about grandma and Grandpa's house and he said:

When grandma plays blocks with me and reads to me. When I play outside and water the pond with Grandpa. And watching Conference with Grandma.(I don't know what she did to make conference so fun, but I know growing up watching conference wasn't a highlight for me).

THANKS again mom and dad!P1030505 P1030412


Jenny W said...

Oh my gosh....I totally started laughing at that last picture....Is that your mom?? She goes way out to make sure everyone has a good time, huh?! :) I think that is great! I'm SO glad your kids had so much fun, but I am SO SO glad you guys did, too! Sounds perfect to me :) And I think you are so funny, too....I love your writing!

kevin & sandra said...

I hope I am as good of grandma as your mom. She is a great example to me. You are a lucky girl!

Rebecca Hodges said...

That is so fun! Kimball's parents are the same way. They always say our kids are angels and Emma is always asking when we will leave so she can go stay with them. It doesn't get any better than that!

Anne Marie said...

Your parents are so cute. I love it when my parents or in-laws tell me that my kids were great and I know it is a total lie but I appreciate the fact that they want me to be happy! What happens at Grandma's house stays at Grandma's house.

Cutie Pies said...

Oh, your parents sound Awesome!! My parents will do anything for their grandkids. It's so fun to have grandparents be so present in their gradchildren's lives. It's kind-of nice, too, to have parents that are so bend-over backward crazy about your kids (even if the kids aren't as good as they say they are).

a-anderson said...

Your parents are awesome. I am glad that you and Ryan had a get away. We all just need that sometimes!