March 16, 2008

Dreaded night turned fun night

Ashly, Lisa, Amy, Amy

This weekend Ryan decided to leave me for Las Vegas. Him and a friend went down to watch the BYU game. Well I am a big wuss and do not like to stay at my house alone. When Ryan leaves I usually go stay at my mom's or occasionally have someone come stay with me.
This weekend I stayed at my mom's most the time, but Ryan said that he would be back about 2:00 a.m. Sunday morning. I didn't want to stay the night at my mom's, because he would be home in the middle of the night, but I didn't want to be home alone either.
Lucky for me I have great friends who knew my prediciment and said, "Hey we want to have a girl's night anyway, so why don't we come to your house and keep you company." I told them the only problem was that it won't be much of a Girl's only night, because I would still have my kids. (because I have no babysitter, he's in Vegas, enjoying fun, games, and no kids).
They said "no problem, we don't mind". Hooray!
We started out our evening shopping at Roberts. (the kids were pretty good). Then picked up some yummy Cafe Rio, and since we had the kids (those darn kids again) and didn't want to fight them during dinner, we brought our food back to my house.We put the kids to bed, and then the real fun began!
We ate, laughed, rocked out, laughed, talked, laughed, pigged out on mini Charleston Chews, and laughed some more.
We were having so much fun, that before we knew it the garage door was opening, and Ryan was home, and it was after one in the morning. What awesome friends to stay so late.
Thanks guys for taking care of my wussy self while my honey was away, and still wanting to hang out even though I had to drag my kids along.


Jenny W said...

I just saw your comment on mine about Itty Bitty Ball and was laughing so hard! I bet Ryan just LOVES that! I'm so glad you are blogging with me!!!! And what nice friends you have. Please call me if you ever need someone when he's gone, or just to hang out anytime is great, too!

Ashly said...

So, so, so fun!!! We have to do it again soon!!

Stephanie F. said...

That is awesome you have such great friends, Lessley. I had to get used to being home by myself at night when my husband worked the graveyard shift (it took a long time to not be scared).

Key Fam said...

Sounds like you had tons of fun, kids and all! And that new pic of Ryan and Hallie sleeping is adorable! I love those kinds of pictures.
PS I knew you were kidding, I was being 'silly'! But, now I DO have your number and address in my phone! LOL!

Bangerter Family said...

Hey Lessley,
If you ever need anyone to hang out with that has kids, I would be more than happy to do so. I need to ccome over and have ryan check out my camera, I still can't get it working.

Andrea said...

That sounds like a lot of fun! I totally know how you feel, I hate it when Josh leaves over night. He is gone for three days right now and I am completely dreading it. your lucky you have friends that will do that for you :)

Dave & Melissa said...

I love charleston chews! Looks like a fun time with fun friends! :)