February 11, 2008

my 100

1- I hate baths
2- I am paranoid something will happen to my kids
3- I have 3 brothers
4- The 1st time I had stitches was when Eli was born(c-section)
5- I like to decorate my house
6- I am an ok writer (just ask Ryan)
7- My brother and I went to Hawaii for a month to visit friends when I was 12 and he was 16
8- I can’t sing
9- I ran track in 7th grade-I hated it.
10- I used to be a tomboy (still am a little).
11- I am not good at putting on make-up, and I am not very fashionable
12- I like to decorate cakes.
13- I love buying clothes for my kids.
14- I volunteer work for kids who are in Foster care.
15- I don’t like having a December birthday.-It either gets clumped in with the rest of the holidays, or everyone forgets it, because they are too busy with the rest of the holidays. I will do everything I can to make sure I don’t have a December baby
16- I have lived in Utah my whole life.
17- I bite my nails
18- I am afraid of the dark, when I am alone.
19- I wear contacts.
20- I think I want Lasik, but then I get scared.
21- I have NO patience.
22- I am ¼ Italian
23- I played the violin from 5th-10th grade
24- I love the smell of dirt
25- I hate needles and shots
26- I am late for everything
27- I hate to cook
28- I don’t like to take medicine
29- I easily get stuck in my comfort zone
30- I am shy
31- I hate being the center of attention
32- My husband treats me way better than I deserve
33- I procrastinate, then have anxiety
34- I am a worrier
35- I think caramel makes everything better
36- I have never broken a bone
37- I love to have my feet rubbed, but it rarely happens
38- I love cold cereal
39- I love clocks
40- Flying scares me
41- My favorite sound is the sound of my kids giggling and “talking” to each other
42- I am insecure
43- I hate to exercise
44- I love bargain shopping
45- I was married in Manti
46- I can make a killer Tiger’s Blood shaved ice
47- I always peek at at least one Christmas present every year
48- Snapdragons are my favorite flower
49- I want to go skydiving
50- I am a terrible driver
51- Heavy winds cause me stress and scare me (I definitely live in the wrong place).
52- I don’t find out the sex of my babies
53- I have man hands
54- When I go somewhere that has those big cinnamon suckers on wood sticks (like Pizza Factory), I have to buy one. They remind me of going to Frontier Pies with my mom.
55- I hate when people drive slow in the fast lane
56- I wish I was more outgoing
57- I don’t like it when people are mean to each other
58- I hate pineapple
59- I yell at Eli all the time, and then feel bad later
60- I have way too much clutter
61- I am not good with words, and don’t always think before I speak, and so sometimes I think I offend people unintentionally
62- When I drive past American Fork hospital I get warm fuzzies because it reminds me of the days my babies were born
63- I like to play basketball and volleyball
64- I was accused of plagerism in college
65- I am disorganized
66- I love pasta
67- I am uncoordinated
68- I don’t like my eyes
69- I wish I had a sister
70- I am terrified of public speaking
71- I like hostess cupcakes
72- I cannot get up on a wakeboard
73- I have been to 27 states and 6 countries
74- I think going to the bathroom is a waste of time
75- I love being on the beach and by the ocean, it makes me smile
76- I don’t like being away from Ryan for long periods of time (overnight is too long)
77- I am not a big ice cream fan, but when I do eat it, Rocky Road is my favorite
78- I think it is funny to push Ryan over when he is standing up to put on his shoes or pants
79- When I got married it took me awhile to change my name, because I loved my maiden name.
80- Speed is the only game I can beat Ryan at. And I do it almost every time we play
81- I lost Eli at Lowes when he was 21 months old. It was the scariest 5 minutes of my life
82- I cry easily
83- I have cracked my head open many times, but I have never had stitches, because my mommy always put a butterfly bandage on it. She got good at those.
84- My favorite thing is when Ryan gives me his undivided attention.
85- I don’t like to wear shoes
86- I love avocados, especially on turkey sandwiches
87- Ryan says I am very predictable
88- I am pretty sure I have the shortest and least amount of eyelashes
89- I like to skip Sunday School, it is a bad habit I aquired when I was a teen
90- I want 4 kids
91- I shop at Target more than any other store
92- I usually don’t spend more than 10 dollars on any article of clothing or pair of shoes for me, Ryan, or the kids
93- I get easily distracted
94- I went bowling on my due date-it didn’t help the bugger come out.
95- I have great in-laws
96- I painted my whole house
97- Stride spearmint is my favorite gum
98- I am not a shoe person. I have about 4 pairs of shoes that I wear. And 2 are church shoes.
99- I have a bachelor’s degree in Psychology
100-I am a night owl, and hate mornings.


carrie said...

Lessley! I loved your list!! I couldn't believe you don't think you are fashionable!! I was just thinking about you the other day...and thinking the complete opposite!! You always look great...and so does your make-up!! At least you take the time to put it on!! ha ha (I'm way too lazy...) I loved Frontier Pies, too!! You should go skydiving with Gina and Heather!! That would scare me too death!! I told Heather last night that we should get a group to go to that cool place up in Ogden, where they do flight simulation....where you literally fly. I think it looks awesome....and I wouldn't be so scared to splat all over the pavement or some field in the middle of nowhere. ha ha Anyway, I think you're fabulous!! I loved reading about you, and I'm getting more nervous to finish mine. I'm just not that interesting. I'm having a hard time getting done.... See, I guess we have the procrastination thing, and then the anxiety thing in common, too...huh?? Love you!!

Dave & Melissa said...

I gotta tell ya that I'm all for the "going to the bathroom is a pure watse of time" I truly thought I was the only person who thought that! Now, when are you going to post some house pictures so I can see all that you painted? I'm sure it lovely!

Lindsay said...

I laughed at the "man hands" because I HATE my hands, I have man hands too, and I disagree, you are totally fashionable! LOVED getting to know you better, and thanks for your comment regarding J :)

a-anderson said...

I loved reading your 100 list. So fun. I think you are always in fashion. And now I want to know your maiden name. What a fun list. I learned a lot about you.

Stephanie said...

Love you list Lessley! I thought I was too scared for Lasik too, did it in May of last year. I so should've done it earlier! You are SO good at decorating cakes, really, a pro (well I only saw pictures of the one you did for Dallin but I was VERY impressed)! I'm completely terrified of public speaking too! I'll make a list someday :)

Anne Marie said...

Lessley, I loved reading all these things about you! I am with you 100% on the caramel thing. In fact, on my list I was going to say that I think caramel is straight from heaven and then I forgot to put it on. But I'm glad to know you like it, now next time I make a caramel treat I'll have to run some over to you. I also miss Frontier Pies (is there still one in Salt Lake by the U?) and I have always thought that you have such pretty eyes!!! I also love driving by the hospital because it reminds me of when I had my kids. And count me in on the skydiving trip! I have always wanted to do that!

Jenny W said...

Okay, so I LOVED LOVED your 100 list! I love reading those-they are my favorite blogs to read! I have actually been working on my list. I decided awhile ago that I want that to be my first "blog post," or whatever you call it! Next week Alish said we are setting it up before she moves, so we'll see! But anyway....back to yours....I loved it and actually had tons of things in common with yours. And I'm with you about something happening to your kids-that is the WORST thought! (or husband too) I'm like you-I never like to be away from Aaron long, either. And like everyone else I think you are WAY fashionable. I have always thought that. And yet you don't seem "high maintenance" either. And when you wrote about pasta it reminded me of the yummy pasta you brought over after my baby-it was so good! Okay, sorry for the way long post! You are awesome Lessley! :)

Jenny W said...

P.S. I have Stride gum right now and go Target!

Williams Family said...

I LOVED finding out more about you. Thanks for posting your "my 100". You are so funny! As I read your comments I kept thinking, "yes, that sounds like me", or "I do that". Fun!

Gina Steinagel said...

Hey Lessley...wow we really do have a lot in common. I wonder if it is because we both are the only girls in our family. I've always wanted a sister too, we'll just have to adopt eachother!! And the tomboy thing...it wasn't until I had my first girl that I broke that, but I still have tomboy tendencies. OK...so it's on, you, me, Heather and AnneMarie are all going sky diving (and Carrie can be at the bottom just in case one of us needs to be caught!!). Hey I have a great girls trip idea...we can go across the country and stop at all the Targets, wouldn't that be the best?? Feel free to call or email when you get a good deal...I feel the rush!! You are so great Lessley and I love you to death!!

Hubba's Thoughts said...

Hey there!! That was a lot of fun to read.. You really perked my interest when I read #46 and made me laugh on #64. I laugh because I know you would never do that and can only imagine your frustration... Have a great night!!

Andrea said...

That was great! I feel like I know you so much better now! I love this 100 list and just for the record, I think you dress great and I love your hair, but I allready told you that!

janae said...

I just think you are way too modest. I think you are beautiful and it was fun learning more about you. I have loved reading everyone's 100 lists. I think I will post mine next week. I have man hands too. That's why I get my nails done. I played the violin about the same amount of time as you. Now my daughter is taking and it's fun to play with her. Probably won't be long until she passes up my abilities.

Jenny W said...

Lessley, I just have to tell you that I have a blog!!!! And I hope you don't care because I totally had to link yours to mine! But I want to send you an invitation and I can't find your e-mail....So if you e-mail me your info I'll send you an invitation right back....IF you want to, no pressure if not! But if you want to, then click on my name and my e-mail comes up. Thanks Lessley! I missed you the other night and hope you are doing okay :)

rain said...

I enjoyed reading your 100. For some reason things like that are so interesting to read....they give you information that you'd never really find out in a simple conversation. Here's my 411 on the "I yell at Eli, and then feel guilty about it": It's a mother's job to feel guilt at least 98% of the time. And that other two percent is when we need to totally concentrate on ourselves...like in the bathroom or something. Anyhoo...I tagged you, so go to my blog to see how it works. Or don't, whatever you feel like. It's NOTHING to feel guilty about. :)

carrie said...

Hey you! I miss your posts...and you!! :o)

Anonymous said...

It's great to learn more about you. I'll also pass on the skydiving.

Your daughter is adorable too!
Chris McAdams

Julia said...

Okay well everyone else has said it, but I love your list too. Count me with the "going to the bathroom is a waste of time" esp now that I have a kid who can't let me be for the 20 seconds it takes. I used to want a catheter so I just I didn't have to go potty all the time.

Although, I must say, I love pineapple, we have a lot in common. I would love to do work with foster kids.