November 25, 2007

It's good to be home!

What a busy weekend. Our Thanksgiving weekends are always so fun, but very busy.

We start the weekend off on Wednesday having dinner with Ryan's family, then all the guys are off to the basement to have a LONG night of Halo. They usually have 2-3 screens set up, and 8-12 guys who play Halo until the wee hours of the morning. This year I believe it was until 4:00. The girls stay up, not quite as late, talking, watching movies, doing hair, you know girl stuff, while the kids run wild until they crash! It is always a big fun sleepover at Grandma's, where you sleep anywhere you can find a spot.

Then thanksgiving morning we get up and have yummy biscuits and gravy. Then its time to relax and watch football while we are all sleep deprived. Turkey dinner comes next , and it is always delicious.

We then pack up and head to my mom's house where we either have something random for dinner, or no dinner at all , just dessert with my family, since my brothers and I have all already had a big turkey dinner with our spouses families, and after all you can only eat so much turkey. (Of course Ryan begs to differ, he could probably eat three turkey dinners in one day).

Then it's sleepover time at my moms house too.

Friday morning comes VERY early when you stay at my mom's house. She is one of those CRAZY black friday shoppers, and she drags me along. (Ok, she doesn't have to try very hard to drag me. Everyone knows I love to shop, and although I don't get up at 4:45 on a regular day to shop, once a year it is kind of fun)! after a few fun hours of shopping I go back to pick up my cute honey and kids, who by the way only woke up about 20 minutes earlier, we head back to our house to veg on the couch, just waiting for naptime. We take a shower and a nap and wake up just in time to go meet my two brothers and thier families to watch the lighting of Temple Square, well we all got there late, so we didn't really see the lighting, but we did walk around for awhile and see the lights. It was very beautiful, and it really gets you in the Christmas spirit, if you don't focus on how cold you are.

Every Saaturday after Thanksgiving we go to my Grandma's house in Bancroft, Id. I believe the population is about 20. Just kidding, but it is very small. We have a BIG Thanksgiving lunch with all of my extended family at the church. It is always so much fun. Even though this year some people decided they needed to stay home for a football game. Whats up with that? And another cousin didn't come becasue she is expecting a baby anyday, I guess she wasn't willing to take the risk to deliver in a small Idaho town. It just wasn't the same without you guys!

Of course Ryan came over during half time to grab a plate of food and then was back to watching the BIG game, which we were all happy that the righteous team won:) because when those cougars lose Ryan is very grumpy, and I didn't want everyone to suffer the rest of the weekend!!

After turkey lunch we all head off to Lava Hot Springs and sit in the hot pots, and have Pizza. Oh it is heavenly, and so, so fun. Then back to the hotel where we crash! We head home Sunday, where we can finally really relax. The Holidays are so much fun to see family and have fun, but I have to say I am glad to be home.

Now it's time to decorate the tree! Yay!


Christensen Family said...

I loved reading about your fun week!! I think it sounds AWESOME!! Jason would love to be in Ryan's family....where he could play Halo for that long. Wow.... I'm so glad you guys had such a fun Thanksgiving!! We wanted to go to Temple Square on Friday, after Matthew's b-day party, but we were WAY too tired. We're thinking this week for sure!! The BYU game made us all happy, so we were ALL able to have the rest of a great weekend, huh?? :o) I'm sure Ryan was so happy. Well, I'm glad you're home. We'll have to plan another get-together sometime soon. This time of year is so busy..... I hope you got some good deals, by the way, on Friday!! :o)

Biscuit said...

What a fun weekend! It sounds like something you would want to every weekend!
So the leaves, they are still there. Hopefully tonight they will get cleaned up. We will see.


a-anderson said...

Wow! It makes me tired to read about all the fun you have.:) Our holiday is a lot more low key, but I love family get-togethers. That is so great that you have so much family around to hang out with. It sounds like so much fun!

Savage Family said...

Sounds really busy but lots of fun! I have never been one to do the Black Friday thing or should I say anyone to go with. I bet you got some great deals though!! I agree with Alish I like to just hang around and veg after Thanksgiving.

Gina Beans said...

Holy cow guys pack it in!! Sounds like so much fun though!! How great to be able to get in both families and then some!! I really miss Temple Square this year so enjoy it for me!! And don't mention the game...we thought we had it till your damn oh sorry darn Cougars came back...I think the refs favored you guys!! Till next year!!

Anne Marie said...

Lessley, I loved reading about your fun holiday! It is so fun to have tons of family to be with. I'm glad you survived and can gear up for the next big holiday in a few weeks!!! Your birthday! In case everyone doesn't know, Lessley's birthday is Dec. 7. :)